10 Games to Watch This Month & New Game Festival Coming Soon - Play to Earn #79

Also this week: Sotheby's, Marvel, Ultra and Paris Hilton Investing in Genies

The second quarter of the year has ended, and we’re now halfway through 2021. It’s very safe to say that NFTs are here to stay. Maybe the ridiculous pricing will become more rare, as mainstream adoption also requires more acceptable prices. The big takeaway from the current trend however, is that the technology is here to stay: Sotheby’s, Twitter, Reddit, concert tickets and game items. Axie Infinity is doing amazing, and it’s one of the games to keep your eyes on this month. Two weeks from now we will celebrate the third Play to Earn Game Festival. It’s time to get excited! — Robert Hoogendoorn

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Gala Games Sponsors Play to Earn Game Festival

On July 12th the next Play to Earn Game Festival will commence. Expect another festival where you can discover new, existing and upcoming play-to-earn blockchain games. However, what’s really innovative, is our social gameplay approach with community-based objectives. Learn more about the festival on our website!

10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in July 2021

A new month, so let’s take a look at 10 play-to-earn, blockchain-powered games with NFTs. Each of these 10 games has important milestones ahead of them, and we expect big things from each of them this July. Check out the list for July!

MaidCoin Merging NFT Collecting with DeFi

SPONSORED - MaidCoin is a DeFi project that uses collectible NFTs to generate passive income. Not only do they sponsor our blog, their existence also highlights the fact that DeFi is getting more gamified every month. It’s an interesting trend that blends the borders between finance, collecting and gaming. Read more

Ultra Games Launched Mainnet on Tuesday

In the world of game distribution Steam is king, while Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation also rule their own bubble. Interestingly, Ultra wants to battle for the throne with Steam. Their unique proposition is that gamers can buy digital games, and sell them to other players once they are done with it. No more reasons to own 1,000 digital games that you never touch. Discover more about Ultra

More gaming headlines

🚀 Infinite Fleet Introduces AFK Gameplay — Zzzzz, Oh I won!

🏁 REVV Motorsport Released Their Own NFTs — New cars, no game yet

🚂 Train of the Century Future NFT Sales and Asset Allocation — Chu chuuuu!

🐎 Zed Run Reintroduces Horse Breeding Program — Whinnying!

🌌 Colonize Mars New Pack Sale And Merging System — Do you totally recall?

🍃 The Sandbox Moves to Polygon for Eco-Friendly Solution — Un, dos, many trees!

More NFT headlines

💻 NFT of WWW Source Code Sold for $5.4 Million — Before we’d only fax

🥊 Second Series of Street Fighter NFTs Coming to Wax — Round 2, Fight!

🎎 Cabello, Chopra and Paris Hilton Invest in Genies — Girlpower!

🦸‍♀️ Marvel Bringing MCU into NFT Market — No finger snapping now…

Use the banner above to register for the land sale next week in The Sandbox. A piece of land costs 1,080 SAND, and you can instantly sell it with profit. However, you need to be lucky to get through… because demand is crazy. Anyway, you know what demand is also crazy? Demand for our PLAY token. There are hardly ways to spend it, but we’re working on making a bridge to Polygon. However, first the upcoming festival. There’s still tons of work to be done!