$1.9 Million Game Character, the IMX Airdrop Update and NFT Rewards in Blankos - Play to Earn #87

Working in virtual worlds, gamification of DeFi, financial rewards in games, it's all coming together. Play to Earn is the future.

On a personal level I’ve had a very hectic week, but also in the gaming and NFT space things go fast. One game character for almost $2 million? Gaming companies giving away ETH to American gamers? Surviving means winning bitcoin? Playing and doing challenges earns you NFTs? Really, this is another great week for Play to Earn gaming. Then to imagine that even DeFi platforms are eyeing gaming as a way to onboard a new generation of consumers. We’re just getting started, but even blindfolded we can see that this is the future. — Robert Hoogendoorn

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Will Almace Become a $1,9M Axie Character?

We’ve been covering Axie Infinity regularly, of course. It’s the flagship title of the Play to Earn revolution. Within that universe there are 3 rare creatures, and one was cut in pieces. Now two NFT enthusiast have been trying to made Almace (see picture) one again, with a buyout price of $1,9 million. Crazy! — Read more about Almace and Niftex

US Gamers Getting ETH Instead of IMX Tokens

Immutable X is the layer-2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain that allows gamers to freely transfer NFTs. Cool stuff, and it’s very needed. They will now also drop a governance token, called IMX. But American gamers won’t get IMX, they will get ETH. — Learn more about the IMX airdrop

Gala Games Launched Mirandus Stress Test

This week Gala Games allowed a limited amount of players to join a stress test for Mirandus. That gave Phil the opportunity to take some nice shots. — Check out more screenshots

DeFi Land Takes Gamified DeFi to Next Level

Gamification of DeFi has been limited so far. They give us a cute interface, give their token a funny name, and perhaps release some NFTs. That’s it. But what happens when yield farming becomes actual farming… in a game? — Learn more about DeFi Land

Terra World Wants to Build a Virtual Work Office

Virtual worlds will come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Perhaps your next job will take place in Terra World. They are trying to create business opportunities in virtual spaces. At least it’s a new take on things, and I appreciate that. — Read more about Terra World

Satoshi’s Games Makes Bitcoin-powered Satvival

Not going to lie here. I’ve been a fan of Lightnite from the moment I first saw it. However, I didn’t discover Satoshi’s Games other upcoming game until this week. They are making a pirate-themed survival game, and you can earn bitcoin if you’re surviving long enough. It looks very, very good. — Learn more about stacking sats the pirate way

Next Blankos Party Pass Offers 7 NFT Rewards

Blankos Block Party is the game I’d wish to put more time in. Next week they will launch a new Party Pass, and with it players can earn new NFT rewards. There will also be new content. These regular content updates for Blankos are really great. — Read more about the next update!

More gaming & NFT headlines

🤳 Mobile Game Along with the Gods Now Has NFTs — Made by PlayDapp

🎎 Wax Launched The Outer Space Men NFTs with Action Figures — Very Limited!

🛰 Echoes of Empire Maybe Next to Join Gala Ecosystem — Probably a YES!

🐰 Chainmonsters Launched NFT Marketplace on Flow — Trading happens now!

🐲 Monsta Infinite Coming to Binance Later This Year — Looks familiar…

Sorare Sets Foot in Switzerland — More clubs joining weekly!

🐻 My Neighbor Alice Test Version Live August 31st — Oh, that looks nice!

Splinterlands Puts Focus on Scaling Up — Immense growth!

🌎 First Version Somnium Worlds Now Live — World portal in your virtual home

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