Axie Infinity Making Major Moves & Gala Games Thinks of Community - Play to Earn #86

More news about Voxies, Sorare, Guild of Guardians and much more!

With all the price action for gaming tokens, it’s hard not to be excited about this play-to-earn space. At the same time we’ve seen games expand there services, launch new products and announce more cool stuff. In this week’s newsletter lots of attention for both Gala Games and Axie Infinity, in addition we take a look at Voxies and the fantasy football game Sorare. Enjoy the newsletter and have an awesome weekend. — Robert Hoogendoorn

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Axie Infinity Gives More Rewards to PVP Players

With the AXS tokens seeing tremendous value growth, breeding new Axies became ridiculously expensive. That’s why Sky Mavis made some changes to their economy. In addition the SLP rewards are now in favor of PVP players, as the Adventure Mode as seen its rewards being halved. — Learn more about the economical changes

Riot Racers Steering for Third NFT Drop Soon

SPONSORED — Riot Races isn’t an active racing game, but has you create a tactical plan in advance. The blockchain calculates the rest. It’s a very cool concept, and the best thing is that players own the economy through NFT-powered gas stations and other building. They’ve got a sale coming up next week! — Learn more about Riot Racers

Gala Wants to Make Things Right After Drama

This week Gala Games launched their new project, Vox. The NFT avatars have arrived following the PFP hype. However, the launch wasn’t smooth and many felt left out. Therefore Gala came with a nice solution that benefits the ones that have seen their transaction fees wasted. — Learn more about that Vox sale

Arcade Gaming Revived in Play-to-Earn Game SpacePort

SPONSORED — If you’ve ever been to Japan or are old enough, you might know how much fun arcade gaming can be. SpacePort is a new blockchain game that taps into that vibe, and while playing you can earn a maximum of 20% of your SPC tokens on a daily basis. —Learn more about SpacePort

NFT Characters for Voxies Tactical RPG Sold Out

Voxies originally launched as an avatar NFT project, but quickly it became clear that these voxel characters have more up their sleeve. These characters will be used in an upcoming tactical RPG, and they just sold out their NFTs. — Move deeper into the Voxies world

Guild of Guardians NFT Trading Finally Live

Finally. Two weeks ago Immutable quickly aborted the launch of Guild of Guardians on the NFT marketplace, but now it’s finally there. The top sale so far? 4.5 ETH for a hero character. — Read more about Guild of Guardians

New Rarity Makes Sorare A Lot Cheaper To Play

The fantasy football game Sorare has seen lots of hype in recent months, but the cheapest NFT cards weren’t very cheap. Getting a full team would cost you quite a bit, probably $1,000. Therefore they introduced a new rarity, with 1,000 cards per player, per season. — Learn more about these cheaper, Limited cards

More gaming and NFT news headlines

👛 Gala Games Brings Token to Binance Smart Chain — GALA cross-chain

🔫 MyMetaverse Will Soon Launch Grand Theft Auto with NFTs — Like!

👻 Aavegotchi Announced Date to Buy New Gotchis — 12,000 more!

🚢 Two Years Later Xayaships Gets User-Focused Upgrade — Battleship!

🧝‍♂️ Dungeon Raids for Loot in Crypto Raiders — BSC game with perma death

Topps Launching Bundesliga NFT Trading Cards — on Avalanche!

💎 Axie Infinity Looking to Finally Introduce Crafting — Hype!!

The SPS token just launched, and by playing Splinterlands you will earn cards that will generate SPS tokens. Cool stuff, so click that banner above to start playing! Keep in mind, participating in play-to-earn requires a $10 Summoner’s Book purchase.

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