Banned Axies, NFTs That Can Die & Lightnite Finally Gets Battle Royale - Play to Earn #91

This week: Cradles, Chumbi Valley, Axie Infinity, Pepper Attack, Lightnite & Gala Games

There are some amazing play-to-earn games on the market and in development. But there are also plenty of games that are mediocre from a gameplay perspective, perhaps also from an economical point-of-view. However, there’s so much in development that it’s hard to keep up. Keep sending those suggestions in our Discord, because we can use your help. Play to Earn is also looking for extra writers, interested? Send examples of your work to nederob#9458 (that’s me!) on Discord. That being said, this week we covered some new games, and one really caught the attention of our community. It’s great to see how the blog and our socials can help the community to discover something new! Remember, we’re doing this together! — Robert Hoogendoorn

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Governance Important as NPCs Can Die in Cradles

I received some tips about Cradles on Twitter, and was blown away by the concept. NPCs that can die? NFTs that can decay over time without player interaction? Really cool concepts, which will guarantee that I will follow Cradles more closely from now on. — Discover more about ERC-3664 and evolving NFTs

Chumbi Valley Blends Pokemon & Stardew Valley

Without a doubt Chumbi Valley has been the heavy hitter this week, as it became one of our most read articles of the week. The art style looks amazing, and then the imagine that this Studio Ghibli inspired game will have an entire play-to-earn economy. — See how great this looks

Battle Royale Coming to Lightnite Within a Week

I’ve been following the development of Lightnite for over a year now, and finally the mode we’ve all been waiting for is coming. Battle royale will launch within one week. The Ladz Community dared us for a community vs community battle… who’s in? — Read more about Lightnite

Pepper Attack NFT Character Sale This Friday

SPONSORED — This Friday Pepper Attack will have its NFT character sale, allowing anybody to buy a Mystic Pepper that will allow players to earn MYTE tokens. — Read more about Pepper Attack here

Gala Games Reveals Spider Tanks as Official Name

The project formerly known as The Spider Tank Project, now has an official name. Nothing too rigorous, as the game is now simply known as Spider Tanks. — Discover more about Spider Tanks

0.5% Axie Population Banned over Energy Abuse

Without a doubt Axie Infinity is one of the godfathers of play-to-earn gaming. With 1.5 million active players they have a huge player base, and within that player base there are sometimes some rotten eggs. That’s why 30,000 Axies have been banned, expelled from Lunacia. — Learn more about Energy Abuse and how to avoid getting banned

Investment opportunities and NFT sales

🐻 New My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Announced — Stake your ALICE tokens!

💎 Ember Sword Picked Community Members for Land Sale — Very exclusive!

🏍 MotoGP Ignition Selling Race Highlights as NFTs — Video highlights

💰 Guide to Onessus NFT Staking and Earning VOID Tokens — Stake to earn VOID

Other gaming and NFT headlines

🚗 Nova Rally Teases Launch Date for Next Week — Racing with a twist

🔪 Not Enough of CryptoBlades? Here’s CryptoBlades Kingdom — More GameFi

🌞 Gods Unchained Update Brings New God Powers — Divine touch

🐲 PlayDapp Adding NFTs to Dragon Blood — Mobile game coming to PC

Blocklete Golf Revamp Goes Crazy in a Good Way — Looks like fun!

🐿 Chainmonsters Trainers Can Earn Through Free-to-Play — Alpha going Beta

💙 Hash Rush Explains Upcoming Play Test — Next week!

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