Best Games for August, Burberry into Blankos & Hashmasks Moves into Gaming - Play to Earn #85

This week: Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, Hashmasks, Gala Games, Sorare and Doctor Who!

August has started and we published our list of games to watch for the month. At the same time lots of gaming projects are making noise. Some launch partnerships with fashion brands, others launch new tools to improve the user experience for content creators. I’ve worked in the gaming industry for more than 10 years, and new developments happened in console cycles. However, with the openness of blockchain technology there’s a constant flow of novelty. Unseen in the history of interactive entertainment. This industry is exciting from a consumer point-of-view, because is rewarding and empowering. But even from a media point-of-view there’s so much happening. This week, again, we hope to bring you all the relevant news, so you are up-to-date about the NFT and play-to-earn gaming industry. Have a nice weekend! — Robert Hoogendoorn

But first a word from our sponsor…

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10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in August 2021

Ten games to watch this August. Pictured in the header are Guild of Guardians, Chainmonsters, Ember Sword and Space Misfits. If you’re curious why these, and what the other entries are… — Check the full list

Burberry NFTs Launching Next Week in Blankos

Announced a while ago, but now Burberry is actually launching their NFTs for Blankos Block Party next week. The Blanko NFT is very limited in supply, only 750 editions. Unfortunately this comes with a serious price tag. — How much for that exclusive Blankos?

Axie Infinity Update Introduces Card Upgrades

We are waiting for land gameplay, but first Axie Infinity will introduce a new battle system. Players will for example have the ability to upgrade the powers of their Axies. Nothing is set in stone yet, but Sky Mavis is working on a major overhaul. — Read more about the future of Axie

Splinterlands Launched SPS Staking Platform

This week Splinterlands launched their SPS token. With it, they also introduced a SPS Management Dashboard. Quite frankly, it’s brilliant. I love the way it works and how it connects assets from multiple chains into one interface. Job well done! — Learn more about staking SPS tokens

Hashmasks Moves into the Gaming Metaverse

You never expected us to write about Hashmasks, right? Me neither. But they are now planning to expand their efforts, and build a play-to-earn game. Now that’s interesting! — Discover about their plans

Gala Games Postpones Vox Avatar NFT Launch

While Ethereum was doing a hard-fork, Gala Labs decided it was better to postpone the launch of their NFT avatars. Vox will now launch next week! — Continue reading about Vox

Bullish on Sorare as Mainstream Will Come

I’m very bullish on Sorare. They will start making their push towards mainstream soon. This will open up a whole new hype cycle for these fantasy football NFTs — Read the whole story

More gaming & NFT headlines

Blockchain MMORPG Mist to Launch 3D NFT Marketplace — Magical BSC

🏗 Decentraland Launched Beta In-World Builder — Can we build? YES WE CAN!

🔫 Zebedee Launched Desktop Wallet for Bitcoin Gaming — Pwn for sats

Sorare Adds Austrian Bundesliga to Fantasy Football Game — Tooorrrr!

🐍 Polychain Monsters Announces New Game Polychain Islands — Land ahoy!

🏙 MegaCryptoPolis Launches Missions for Casual Players — Enjoy city walks

🐰 Chainmonsters Major Alpha-6 Update Coming in August — Still alpha

🌑 Dark Country Landowners Need to Be Active — No more lazy landowners!

🧙‍♂️ Doctor Who to Launch Completely New Cards — Go get that serial #1

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