Best Play-to-Earn Games for September, Hollywood and New Challenges - Play to Earn #89

This week tips to earn in Crazy Defense Heroes, a poker game, Nine Chronicles and REVV Racing!

It’s now 1AM here. Today the hosting company where Play to Earn Online Magazine is hosted, decided to take the website down. Franticly I tried to get things back up and running. Because the website was down, I couldn’t write the newsletter. Everything got delayed today. But we’re back. The website will improve and hosting will change in the near future. Let’s now focus on NFTs and play-to-earn gaming, because there are some GREAT earning opportunities this week with Nine Chronicles, REVV Racing, Crazy Defense Heroes, Decentral Games and much more. Oh, and the biggest change this week? We launched our first weekly quiz, so let’s see how you will do? Have an awesome weekend! — Robert Hoogendoorn

10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in September

Every month we provide you with a list of games that will take the spotlight in that particular month. For September we’ve selected a variety of games, including The Sandbox, Lightnite, and My Neighbor Alice. — See the full list

Guild of Guardians Will Launch NFT Sale Sneakily

Guild of Guardians is on my radar, and perhaps soon you will join the Play to Earn Guild. However, for now it’s good to know that there will a second wave for the Founder Sale, and to prevent gas wars the developers will launch that sale without an announcement. — Read more about the next sale

Decentral Games Introduces Play-to-Earn Poker

Decentral Games already allowed players to earn money through casino games, or to earn the DG governance token. Now the team has introduced a play-to-earn opportunity with a poker game. — Get all the details

Nine Chronicles $2 Million Play-to-Earn Event

Nine Chronicles might seem a bit niche, but it has quite the dedicated community. Those gamers will now be able to compete for a share of $2 million worth of NCG tokens. It’s the introduction of their Arena season. — Read what to expect

CryptoPunks Coming to Hollywood

CryptoPunks mentioned in your favorite comedy? Or perhaps there will be a heist movie where a Ledger wallet with 10 Punks has been stolen. It’s all possible, because CryptoPunks, Meebits and Autoglyphs are going to Hollywood. — Read more about the Hollywood deal

Crazy Defense Heroes Gets Bigger Challenge, More Rewards

The tower defense game Crazy Defense Heroes now has tougher requirements to be eligible for the monthly TOWER drop. However, the rewards will also become bigger. — Get all the details here

Electronic Arts Dips Toes into Blockchain Games and NFTs

They didn’t announce any product or anything, but Electronic Arts is hiring people who will dive into the blockchain business opportunity. EA sees NFTs as a potential future, and they want to dive into it. — Continue reading

More Gaming and NFT Headlines

💵 Last Base Crates Synergy of Serra for Sale Now — Almost gone

🏁 Win $150,000 in REVV Racing TOWER Cup — Until next week

🌏 R-Planet Preparing for Conquest Phase — Divide updates and conquer!

🧟‍♂️ Walking Dead Land for The Sandbox Gone in 30 Seconds — Running zombies?

🎮 Open-World RPG Stormrite Coming to PC and Xbox — Console!!

Knightlands Unveils Play-to-Earn Features — Mystery solved

🐰 Binemon Launching PVP Team Battles in September — Tactical battle game

🔫 Pandemic Shooter Beta Gets More Game Modes — Pew pew!

🧙‍♂️ Faraland Bringing Turn-Based RPG to Mobile Devices — Abracadabra!

🐻 PlayDapp Using Chainlink to Merge NFTs — More cute animals

🚀 Animoca Brands Invests in Star Atlas — ATLAS to the moon

🌞 Gods Unchained Getting Ready for Open Test of New Expansion — Divine!

🏡 Decentraland Allows Creators to Make Quests — BUIDL

🙀 Illuvium Open Beta Postponed in Favor of Bigger Release — Underestimated

Instead of dropping some PLAY here, and instead of doing a small quiz in every article, we will now do a bigger weekly quiz. Rewards will also be bigger, 100 PLAY for 250 people. Start the quiz here