Coca Cola NFTs & New Land Sales Coming Soon - Play to Earn #84

My Neighbor Alice, CryptoMotors, Ember Sword, Aavegotchi and Guild of Guardians!

Coca Cola enters the metaverse, while Ember Sword and My Neighbor Alice have news about future land sales. In addition there are more Aavegotchi ghost NFTs coming, while a CryptoMotors car sale is happening right now. Overall there’s lots of variety in the play-to-earn, NFT and gaming news this week. What’s interesting is that all these developments happen across a variety of blockchain services: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Immutable X, Wax and so on. Studios are developing ecosystems that move across different chains, allowing value and assets to move around. There’s so much happening in this space, that one month can feel like six. What year is this? 2028? — Robert Hoogendoorn

But first a word from our sponsor…

SPONSORED - CryptoMotors is world’s first Digital Automaker powered by the Ethereum blockchain. On July 29th, 30th and 31st they will sell the GEN1 Neon Roadster. This collection consists of 150 unique NFT Production Series cars with five original striking colors. Their last drop on OpenSea sold out in minutes - so you must be quick to secure a Neon Roadster of your own!

All the details about the drop, available units, colors, price, and hidden units can be found on the CryptoMotors Medium page. You can also follow the drop and join the CryptoMotors community via Discord.

Coca Cola Joins NFT Ecosystem in Decentraland

The Coca-Cola Company will launch a unique box filled with unique NFTs, all based on classic Coca-Cola collectibles. Legendary, really. Inside Decentraland there’s a giant coke can where they will do a party. If you’ve into the metaverse, virtual worlds and have a laptop or PC — Join this Friday

My Neighbor Alice Second Land Sale Announced

There are a couple of virtual worlds in developments, and My Neighbor Alice has our special attention. It’s Animal Crossing on the blockchain. That means players ownership, social relationships and so on. A new land sale will happen soon! — Learn more about the land sale

CryptoMotors Goes Big on Interoperability

I’ve been excited about interoperability for a while. There’s so much potential here, but hardly anybody taps into this technological revolution. Sometimes projects offer one NFT that can be used in a couple of their own games, but CryptoMotors allows their cars to be used in different virtual worlds and games. Their unique proposition excites me, and there are NFT sales happening this Friday and Saturday! — Discover more about interoperability

Aavegotchi Haunt 2 Approved by Community

Aavegotchi looks a bit weird, and it’s quite complicated to get into. These pixelated ghosts contain tokens, and are therefore they can be called NFT wallets. Anyway, these ghosts will now also get a virtual world, and to populate that world 15,000 new Gotchis will be introduced. Aavegotchi is a super interesting project! — Dive into the Gotchiverse

Mint Guild of Guardians NFTs on Immutable X

Guild of Guardians looks like a cool mobile action role playing game. They now launched their NFTs on the Immutable X layer-2 blockchain solution. That means you can claim and trade your NFTs now! However, first you need to mint them… — Learn how to mint your NFTs

More Land Sales Coming to Ember Sword

Ember Sword will become an action role playing game on the blockchain, in which gamers can own land and acquire resources. The land sales are happening soon, and the team will do more community-oriented land sales. In addition there will be some perks for dedicated community members. — Become a landlord in Ember Sword

Sorare Adds UEFA Europa Conference League

Fantasy football game Sorare has been making big moves. After adding Euro 2020 and the Copa America, the team now added the UEFA Europa Conference League. Users who acquire rare cards, can join competitions to earn ETH or more cards. — Learn about Sorare

More gaming & NFT headlines

🐢 Ethermon Will Introduce NFTs with Rarity Values — By popular demand

Yay Games Announced Card Game Bold Point — Yay!

🚙 Earn REVV Racing Car NFTs through SushiSwap — Another opportunity!

🏰 Hexarchia Announced Genesis NFTs and Ascension System — Community first

💠 Onessus NFT Staking Creeps Closer — Major moves in Wax ecosystem

🚀 Farsite Interactive Star Map Coming Next Month — Next development phase

🐻 My Neighbor Alice Launches NFT Sale on Binance — Fashionable farmers

🌑 R-Planet Players Can Now Upgrade Their Land — More mining power!

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