For The Community: YGG, Aavegotchi, Cometh, Gods Unchained - Play to Earn #78

The metaverse has value that leaks into our physical one, and these projects are leading the herd into a digital, play-to-earn future

Play-to-earn as a business model isn’t only about games. It’s also not only about earning. There’s an entire ecosystem with governance, tokenomics, financial freedom, player community, and so on, that plays a role in designing these mechanics. In ten years from now your avatar might also be your bank account, while your virtual home generates yield to pay off the mortgage on your physical house. Play-to-earn is about empowerment, and also emphasizes that the digital world has value alongside our physical experiences. This week we’ve seen Cometh going big, Aavegotchi becoming even more ambitious, Gods Unchained and Yield Guild Games sharing governance with their community, while Mattel dipped their toes into NFTs. — Robert Hoogendoorn

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Curio: Unlocking Digital Experiences in Arts & Entertainment

(SPONSORED) - The Motel America NFT collection is officially licensed from the TV show American Gods, which airs on Starz and Amazon. Curio has created gorgeous NFT collectibles based on the provocative fantasy drama, equally epic in scope and ambitious in style. Take a look and collect the Motel America NFT collection from American Gods now!

Aavegotchi Unveils Their Plans for Gotchiverse

Aavegotchi isn’t one of the projects I’m personally involved in, but it’s something that really excites me. Imagine these pixelated ghosts as your bank account. They earn interest, and you can boost that interest by having cool clothes. Now they are building their own universe, the Gotchiverse Realm. Crazy complex, and maybe that’s why this is so exciting! — Become alpha read more

YGG Selling Governance Token on SushiSwap

Yield Guild Games is without a doubt one of the most interesting blockchain focused organizations out there. They invest in play-to-earn games and enable thousands of people in developing countries to earn an income through gameplay. Now they will launch a governance token to decentralized the power within the organization. Bullish! — Read more about the YGG presale

Gods Unchained Announced GODS Token

Another project where governance will come in the hands of players. Immutable will bring the GODS token to their trading card game Gods Unchained. Interesting developments, as they recently also moved to the Immutable X layer-2 solution. GODS and gas-free trading, will make the game very interesting for play-to-earn and future developments. — Learn more about earning GODS

Cheap Cometh Spaceship NFTs & Big Tournament

Cometh is now selling the M.U.L.E. for only $10 dollars (grab that discount using the banner below). However, they are also organizing a MAJOR tournament with lots of money up for grabs. — Learn how to win $150,000

Lost Relics Massive Update with New Adventures

Lost Relics recently moved its economy to Jumpnet, allowing players to trade without paying gas fees. Now they introduced a MASSIVE update with many new enemies, adventures, and mini-bosses. — Get all the details here

Mattel Will Launch Hot Wheels NFT Collectibles

Personally I was surprised that Mattel would only sell unique, one-of-a-kind NFTs of their Hot Wheels. I’d expect a bit more. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see what these unique digital design will go for. Nonetheless it’s cool to see Mattel dipping their toes into these waters. - That’s bullish for NFTs!

Other gaming headlines

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First Summer Sale The Sandbox Sold Out in 3 Sec — Wow. High demand.

🎉 Synergy of Serra Shows Up in Steam Store — Small news, big step

Die Mannschaft Enters Sorare Fantasy Football — Always Muller

Big Time NFTs Coming to Binance Marketplace — To Binance? Surprising!

🏁 New Race Car NFTs for Upcoming REVV Racing Game — Pole position

🐹 Chainmonsters Updates Quest System with Alpha-4 Update — For the fans

💜 Ultra Games Mainnet Launch Getting Very Close — Blowing off Steam

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— Robert