LaLiga into NFTs, a $273,000 Game Hero & Projects Embracing Play-to-Earn - Play to Earn #90

Guild of Guardians, Sorare, Aavegotchi, Star Atlas, Gods Unchained, Genopets and much more!

Play-to-Earn gaming is slowly causing a true paradigm shift. Gaming projects that first only allowed players to use NFTs, are now adding play-to-earn mechanics while introducing their own tokens. We feel it. They feel it. Play-to-earn as a business model has very strong foundations to create value as a community. Axie Infinity is worth billions, not because Sky Mavis owns that much, but because of the value the entire community creates. When community and development are aligned into one direction, value will come. — Robert Hoogendoorn

La Liga Joins Sorare Fantasy Football

If you’re a football fan, then there are four leagues that are really important: the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga and the Spanish LaLiga. This last one now entered Sorare, the number #1 fantasy football game in the world. This is a long-term and massive move! — Read more

Mythic NFT Guild of Guardians Sold for $273,000

Guild of Guardians isn’t even on the market yet, as we are still waiting for a couple more pre-sales. This doesn’t stop NFT traders and speculators. Someone bought a legendary hero NFT for $273,000! — Read more

First Aavegotchi Land Sale Happening in October

If you are interested in buying virtual land in an established product, then you should keep your eyes on Aavegotchi. In October they will launch their very first land sale, and we expect a lot more news from them in the coming weeks in the build-up to that event. — Learn more details about the land sale

Genopets Mixes Physical Activity with Play-to-Earn Gaming

One of the most surprising news posts this week, is this one about Genopets. Keep the pet in your pocket, be active all day, and at the end of the day you can redeem your rewards. It’s a cool concept, and something that definitely made me curious! — Start running, or read the rest first

Space Misfits Brings Game Currency into Crypto

Within the Enjin ecosystem there are plenty of great games and gaming concepts, Space Misfits being one of them. Space Misfits is now making a switch, introducing a new crypto token, and adding play-to-earn functionalities. Big moves. Did you know that they’ve started selling NFT spaceships recently? — Read more about the game’s economy

Promo Cards in New Gods Unchained Card Packs

Gods Unchained will always have a place in my heart as one of the first blockchain-powered games that caught my attention. They will launch their second expansion soon, and with it there will be some very rare promo cards! These cards will likely become very valuable. — Learn more about these valuable promo cards

Space MMO Star Atlas Tied to the Metaverse

There has been lots of news surrounding Star Atlas in recent weeks. Phil did a great write-up about all the bits of information that’s out there. Star Atlas is one behemoth of a project, so personally I’m thankful for Phil’s efforts on this one! — Read everything you need to know about Star Atlas

A list of gaming projects adding play-to-earn

🌳 Treeverse Wants to Add Play-to-Earn Mechanicsland now available

🛡 Forest Knight Getting KNIGHT Token Land will come soon

🤑 KOGS Beta Introduces Play-to-Earn Mechanics Currently in testing phase

More gaming & NFT headlines

🐧 Pororo Cartoon Characters Joining The SandboxLooking cute

🏁 Yield Guild Games Organizes REVV Racing Cup $150,000!

🧸 Smighties Crosses the Ether into the Physical Realm — Non-fungible toys

🌥 Ambitious Plans for Sandbox Game Infinity Skies — It starts with ambition

💰 F1 Delta Time Launched 7-Week Grand Prix with PrizesMore prizes!

🚀 Cometh Bringing MUST Mining to Mobile DevicesIt’s a MUST

🌉 Nine Chronicles Launched NCG Bridge to EthereumBridging the Ether

Crypto Raiders Taps into Loot NFT HypePermanent

🚫 Nestables Breeding Requirements Include Not Breeding OftenTake it easy!

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