Roblox, The Walking Dead & Katy Perry Entering Metaverse - Play to Earn #80

But the biggest news is of course that our Play to Earn Game Festival starts on Monday!

We don’t look at price action, instead we focus on building, partnerships and developments. That makes this week so interesting. You can now find blockchain-powered games in Roblox. While Katy Perry is jumping into NFTs this year. Very big is the announcement that The Walking Dead will join us in the metaverse. Let’s hope that those zombies don’t attack the Play to Earn Game Festival, which starts on Monday. Have a nice weekend, because starting from next week the biggest gaming festival in the metaverse will open its doors once again!  — Robert Hoogendoorn

But first a word from our sponsor…

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Next Monday: Play to Earn Game Festival

Starting from Monday the Play to Earn Game Festival will take place inside the metaverse. We’ve managed to bring some of the brightest and most awesome play-to-earn projects together in one virtual location, for you to discover and learn. Of course the game festival would not be complete without awesome prizes to win. And for the first time, you get to experience a story that connects with the virtual universe of Echoes of Empire. We will need your help to secure the supplies and safe humanity from The Spore! — See our website for more information

The Walking Dead Coming to The Sandbox

When you hear The Walking Dead, you will probably think about AMC’s The Walking Dead, the famous television series. However, originally it’s a beloved comic book series. The Sandbox will now bring The Walking Dead into their world, and it looks really impressive. — Take a look

CryptoBlades Already Awarded Players $650,000

SPONSORED — CryptoBlades is one of the most popular dapps in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. This battle game has strong yield farm mechanics. Players need to level up their heroes and improve their gear to earn better rewards. Everything happens on the blockchain. — Check it out

Atari Drops F2P for Premium & Blockchain Games

Atari has never regained their glory days from the early 80s, but nonetheless the company still exists. They are now rebuilding their focus towards play-to-earn games and premium games, moving away from free-to-play mobile games. They even started a new division called Atari Blockchain. — Dive deeper into this story

Splinterlands Now Lets You Rent Out Cards

If you don’t use your NFTs, they are just gathering dust… as a figure of speech of course. However, these NFTs can also earn you passive income. In Splinterlands players can now rent out their cards. — Learn how this works

Axie Infinity Leading Play-to-Earn to Mainstream

When it comes to play-to-earn games, there’s one game that’s currently holding the crown. Axie Infinity has become a schoolbook example. In the past week it recorded major NFT sales, tremendous growth in its user numbers and much more trading activity. — Become an Axie professor, read more

Roblox Now Has Its First Blockchain Game World

After months of development, PlayDapp has made their first moves into Roblox. That means that PlayDapp Town is now the first Roblox game that uses NFTs. It’s still too early to tell, but this could be a big move. — Learn more

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